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Our desire to deliver the best user and client experience coupled our decade-plus expertise guides our services with quality, thought and care.

We conduct detailed discovery sessions, create conversion-driven user experiences, rapid-prototype concepts for usability, and produce secure, flexible and scalable WordPress and Drupal sites.

Devising creative solutions for even the most complex integrations, Empover leverages and builds APIs to ensure that databases of record are established, information securely encrypted, and that requests are performant. Our web development team utilizes in-site search for a tailored user experience with faceted and federated search integrations like Apache Solr, Google DoubleClick Search, and Swiftype.

We guarantee our own code and provide a post-launch support window to deliver final technical and design support. Our clients trust us with the care of keeping up their site, and we maximize the opportunity to continue broadening their possibilities and capabilities.


Empover’s Drupal practice provides our clients the whole package of UI testing, UX, design and Drupal web development, plus ongoing Drupal support under one roof. Our development strategy is a combination of short, iterative development cycles, combined with our clients ongoing feedback, ensuring success. Our testing runs in parallel with our development, using Drupal best practices to ensure that the websites we build are sustainable for the long term.


Our developers consistently deliver code that is powerful, efficient, and secure. We work with all aspects of WordPress development including themes and plugins, decoupled applications, APIs and integrations, and platform development. Our WordPress expertise covers issues that include infrastructure, architecture, development workflow, best practices, accessibility, performance and security, and the WordPress REST API.

Java Web Development

Java is considered the most useful language for cross-platform apps, with higher cross-functionality and portability. Software written one platform can run across mobile, desktop and embedded systems.With less time spent on coding, debugging, compiling and deploying, it facilitates quick development and a shorter delivery cycle.Being an object-oriented language, we can write code that is reusable with numerous functional modules. Java is free, simple and supports multithreading. It also offers multimedia and network support.Java apps being highly scalable, can run even when other solutions can’t continue working.

PHP Web Development

PHP being a server scripting language, is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. It is widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP.We are extremely proficient at custom PHP Web Application Development, PHP-based CMS Development and PHP Extension Development.

.NET Development

As a Microsoft Network Partner, we regularly use Microsoft tools to build our clients’ web apps.At the front end, we use browser based technology such as HTML5, served by ASP.NET MVC and C# programming. We combine the very best technical platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server (for the back-end database) and Web Services. We also have expertise in JavaScript and AJAX – the scripts that create interactivity on a web app or web page.Sometimes our clients have the need to visualise the finished web app from early on in the project. This can be difficult to achieve but we solve this by creating a prototype that we’ll update throughout the process. This enables stakeholders to ‘play’ with the app along the way and flag any design or functionality issues or mismatches.

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