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Our clients range from startups to established businesses. With a range of delivery options, we can step in and provide hands-on advice on how to optimize technology for your particular business.

From technical consultancy services to delivering projects or adding resources to your pre-existing development team, we can work with you to achieve your business objectives.

We have an experienced and highly capable team with expertise across the entire spectrum of the development process, from planning to deployment on a live environment.

Custom Software Development

We design and develop customized software solutions for our clients.

With an experienced team of developers, we can help our clients build entirely scalable solutions that will speed up repetitive business processes. We create solutions that help a wide variety of companies who cannot find an off-the-shelf solution to fit their needs.

Our custom software solutions are reliable, scalable and efficient.

Custom Development

No matter how complicated the requirement may be, we will be able to provide a solution to whatever problems you are currently facing, and explained to you in simple terms.

Solid Structured Framework

We use the right coding language depending on the type of project to be executed. We can create responsive, mobile and tablet frameworks for an end to end solution.

Standard Coding Guidelines

We take coding standards and best practices very seriously. Every part of the programme written will follow best practices, methods, standards and conventions.

Full On-going Scalability

Our business software development process always uses a framework that will allow your system to grow with your business thus saving time, effort and cost in redevelopment.

Business Software Development

From enterprise application development to CMS-powered websites, Empover’s developers are experts at writing elegant, modular, well-documented, responsive code in a diverse array of stacks, platforms, and frameworks.

We have thriving development practices in HTML, CSS, Javascript (Node, Vue, Backbone, React, Angular, EXT), PHP, Java, MySQL, .NET, Android, iOS (Swift, Xamarin, Xcode, and Objective C), and Cross Platform/ Hybrid Frameworks (React Native, Cordova, Ionic). We can also support legacy systems and less common technologies.

Our developers strictly adhere to best practices, coding standards and transparency on workflow methodology. Through code reviews, ticketing processes, standards definition, and data architecture, our ultimate goal is to improve overall process, improve quality and extensibility.

Our solutions are scalable, modular, and extensible to support both the near and long-term business objectives.

Product Development

We work our clients to accelerate the design, build and launch new digital products, avoiding the hassles and potential delays of using in-house development teams.

Most businesses understand the issues and risks involved in building a product team and navigating the path to a successful launch. With an experienced development team from Empover, our clients can hit the ground running and progress faster. We help our clients apply lean principles and agile development to bring concepts quickly to market.

Empover has over 10 years of experience building software for various business sectors, plus specialist web and mobile teams. We help our clients avoid the delays, costs and mistakes that commonly occur when they use in-house development teams.

We closely collaborate with our clients, forming unified product teams with a common purpose and goal.